Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bento 22


Exams are on their way - Yikes! I may not be prepared for my Biology Exam - but I am prepared for lunch! Today we have, leftover bread with a smear or butterfly shaped creame cheese and butterfly shaped salmon spread. A divider of green beans, some blueberries and 2 wonderful little cheeses. This was a great tide-me-over, now that my days are short (No more LABS!) my lunches are pretty small.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bento 21

A Cupcake a Day

Alright, I just fininshed by Cake decorating weekend course, and I have loads of cupcakes. So to get me through the last weeks of school, I have cupcakes. Exams are comming, deadlines are mounting and lately I've missed the bus and been late. Cupcakes are the only answer. Everyone ready for the last push before the end of the year?
In this Bento, we have of course a chocolate mini-cupcake with buttercream flowers on (unfortunatly the quality of my digital camera is terrible), some leftover chicken, a cup of berries, a mini-cheese square, and that bright white thing in the corner, is a heart shaped mini-sandwhich made out of a single slice of bread. Yum. This was great in geography, made the morning zip by.