Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bento 13


(The day I had this, I just couldn't stand food touching other food)

I, like many young people, grew up in a world where food didn't touch other food. Mothers carefully plated peas a great distance fromt the mash potatoes and I was spoiled. As I got older, to the Rip Old Age I am at now, I taught myself to eat mixed foods, I tolerated it for years, but have come to love my Bubble-and-Squeak (That's British for, Carrots, Peas and Potatoes all mashed together). The day I ate this was an off day, I was feeling icky and all I wanted was to stay in my warm bed, eat Chicken Soup and watch the Price is Right. But I couldn't, it was a Tueday, and I have class all day.

So, this became a quick comfort, that and my Thermos of Chicken Soup.
We have Bananas, Oranges, Berries, Walnuts, Dried Cranberries and a mustard and white bread sandwitch. Easy to digest and nothing was touching. It was heaven. How will I ever go back to my haphazard Bento ways.

Comming Soon : That Bio Bento, I am working out the details, I have a few planned study sessions, and I need to make a few study Lunches.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have been stressed over biology mid-terms, assignments, presentations, just like everyone else at Nipissing. It is no excuse for my terrible neglect for this blog. I need to pull everything together for the end of this semester.

My plan for the end of the week.

Finish Presentation
Start Film Paper
Do 2 Film Journals
Re-read Bio Lecture (X2)
Review a Ensc. Article
And...Bento Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bento 12

Yes, This was Halloween, I know, that was Weeks Ago

(I am a terrible, terrible person for not updating)

Halloween, yes, this is up late for Halloween, but I did eat it on the Halloween Friday.

We have, in the centre, a Rye Bread Coffin, with cheese inside. It has an authentic cross and crack for aestetics. In the bottom Left Corner, a meriange ghost with chocolate chip eyes, underneath are some peanut butter bannana rolls (nothing scarier than peanuts in public, no boby wants to be around them) We have in the top Corner a Bat Cookie I made, and a cheese tombstone, again with authentic Halloween R.I.P. And for added nutrition, raddish flowers, grave sites need flowers. Ooh, and candy corn, yum. Yes, Halloween, very spooky. Very tasty.

I wish I had dressed up for Halloween at the University, absolutly noboody did, well escept for Oscar the Grouch, if any of you saw him. If I had had supportive friends (you know who you are) we could have gone, but we are talkers, not doers when it comes to things like this. It is probably for the best, I really wanted to go as a box of kraft dinner.

Comming Soon: Next couple of weeks I have my Bio Exam, how convient, so I will need a tasty pre-test bento breakfast to get me through the stress and maximize on sleep. I'm thinking, since it is on enzymes and DNA structure, what about a tasty Double Helix or maybe The Krebs Cycle is organge segements? Why leave the books on my living room floor, who said I can't have a study session in my kitchen?