Friday, January 30, 2009

Bento 18

Bento Basics

This was a simple Bento. A cut apple put back together into an apple shape. I peeled orange and a cup of frozen pinappple. A mini cup of olives, 3 leftover breakfast sausages and a viva puff.

I have a Biology Mid-Term approching and I need the easy fuel for study.

This is barely a Bento, it's more of cut foods in cups. But it sure was tasty.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Bento 17

BENTO + THE FLU = Mini -Pancakes

Yuck. Eww. Gross.

I have been sick for a week (Feeling 100% Now) and while I still made it to most of my classes without coughing over everything and contaminating other people, I still made my Bento's. When you're sick, you need them even more.

This is comfort food. Tasty Breakfast with all the toppings perked me up during Geography and was I ever thrilled to have a hot Thermos of Tea. Sometimes being sick is a blessing in disguise (I felt no guilt in scorffing down the whipped cream and maple syrup)

Alright, We have a mini-stack of Pancakes and between them is a frozen disc of maple syrup. I have it timed out that I make a bunch of panckes, pour syrup between two and then put them in a container in the freezer. Then when I want one, I just pull them out and by mid-day the syrup has thawed just enough to be a liquid and not enough to run into everything else. Oddly enough, I worked out the timing perfectly and yet still have no skills in math, hmm?

There is also a strip of bacon that was leftover tucked between the grapes. In the little red cup is some dried cranberries and in the other tub a serving of sweet whipped cream. Yum. Best Lunch/Breakfast yet.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bento 16

Oh Bento.

My apologies for the dark photo, but rushing around in the morning is hardly condusive to good photography. This was a bit of silliness.

I hardly meant for it to look like a face but when I was finished packing it, I just had to put 2 raisons on for eyes just for the photo.

On to the food. For my tasty lunch I am having 1/2 an unidentified lunch meat sandwhich (post-new years), a serving of riccotta, and veggies with dip. Very simple, very fast.

This is going to be my inbetween meal for my 'layover' between classes, fuel up for film class, or it will be lights out before the Prof. can dim the lights.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bento 15

Hold On, Here it Comes.

New Semester, New Courses. All New Bento's.

Here we go, Picture the first day of a New Semester, Fresh Start. It should be joyful and revitalizing, a motivator to succeed, waking up early prepared to start the day...

Too bad my Monday morning wake-up call was unwelcome and less then timely. I was rushed into my morning routine at the sound of a late alarm, and had to rush to throw cloths into the dryer and to pull the curlers out of my hair (think a bed-head of Grannie-Curlers toddling round a mess laundry room) and was glad to find my Bento from the night before waiting for me to fetch it for lunch (unlike the city bus).

Here it is, in the blue cup we have carrots and celery. Under that is a red cup of shredded pinapple (leftovers), a tin of butter-flake-cake, in the green cup a riccotta serving with tiny cheese cube. Wedged in between things are blueberries, a piece of leftover chicken, raspberries and the piece-de-resistance, Apple Bunnies! These are just apple slices with the peel turned to look like ears, then I tried to give them eyes, and as you can see, one looks rather evil and the other rather nice.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy new Year! After a fantastic month of Christmas Break(and little Interent Access at my Great-Grannie) I have finally updated. I am charging the batteries in my camera as I type this, and later tonight, I will have a tasty sample of the weeks Bento's. I had 5 for the week, and it looks like I'll need to make more, 6 courses and 3 labs, a shift or two at work and I am eating out of my home more than in. That's the beauty of bento, I save loads of money on take-aways and when I do takeaway or go to a restuarant I really enjoy it.